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Furukawa Review No.24

Development of a Novel Vibration Polishing Method for Fiber Protrusion in Multi-fiber Connectors

Jie Xu, Akihiro Murakami and Takashi Shigematsu


A novel ultrasonic vibration polishing method for multi-fiber connector with high precision has been developed by introducing a supplementary polishing ferrule between the fiber-ends and the ultrasonic vibrator. This method enables us to obtain effectively the desired fiber protrusion regardless of the materials used for the connector. Good and stable physical contact (PC) connection was achieved even in single-mode 12-fiber MPO connectors, and return loss and insertion loss remained stable during 500 cycles of reconnection. These results demonstrate that this polishing method is effective in achieving both sufficient fiber protrusion and good PC in multi-fiber connectors. The method can be applied in high-precision processing.

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