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Furukawa Review No.27

Development of High-Speed Pb-Free Reflow Ovens

Etsuko Iwasaki and Kousuke Nakao


Taiwanese manufacturers of personal computers have achieved rapid growth and are seeking to penetrate the mainland Chinese markets in order to obtain further expansion of their operations and profits. They were supplying the market with personal computers under its own brand, but is changing over to a business model that concentrates on OEM supply to computer firms in Japan, North America and Europe. In addition assembling personal computers, they are also actively engaged in the assembly of other devices such as mobile phones and LCD monitors, and have grown to be a major EMS.
In their search for profits, Taiwanese users are demanding reflow ovens that offer higher productivity and reduced running costs. Our Salamander line achieved a major share of the Taiwan market, and we have set to work to develop new products that will respond to customers' needs. We have taken as the new product concept a multi-zone structure that is conducive to higher productivity, and achieves a level of heating performance that is fully compatible with the Pb-free process that is due to be implemented soon. And despite the large size of the system, nitrogen consumption is held to a level comparable to that of small-scale systems.
This system, which we have christened the "continental system", came on the market in May, 2004, and as of October some 60 have been shipped.

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