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Furukawa Review No.30

Automated Analysis System of Biomolecular Interaction by Index-Matching Fluid-Mediated Fluorometry

Satoshi Sugiyama, Jun Nishina, Ken Tsukii, Shinichi Taguchi, Kenichi Kimura, Toru Takahashi and Jie Xu


In this post-genome era, analysis of the functions of proteins and other biomolecules is becoming an important area of study, creating a need for highly versatile systems capable of the high-sensitivity measurement and analysis of biomolecular interactions. In the research reported here, we have developed a system for the automated analysis of biomolecules by “fluid-mediated fluorometry”, which is a new technique of measurement. Due to the approximate doubling of measurement sensitivity and the anti-drying effect offered by this measurement technique, we have achieved real-time measurement of minute samples. Using this system we have evaluated interactions between synthetic peptides and proteins and agonist measurement of yeast as a biomolecular tool, confirming its efficacy as a highversatility, high-throughput technique for biomolecular interaction analysis.

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