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Furukawa Review No.32

Technological Trends in Lead-Acid Batteries for Automotive Applications

Furukawa Battery
Kenji Nakano , Syuhei Takeshima and Jun Furukawa


In recent years performance requirements with respect to lead-acid batteries for automotive applications are beginning to undergo major changes as the vehicles themselves change. In addition to the traditional “SLI functions” (starting, lighting and ignition), there is also a need to provide advances in technologies for environmental improvement, batteries for accessory applications (power steering, stabilizers, etc.), new functions such as alternator control for charging controls aimed at suppressing gaseous emissions and improving fuel economy, stopping of idling, and regenerative braking. Furukawa Battery is engaged not only in basic technology and product development for lead-acid batteries to meet these requirements but also in developing the “Ultrabattery”--a new type of lead-acid battery that will meet the sophisticated requirements of next-generation vehicles.

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