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Furukawa Review No.34

High-Power GaN HFETs on Si Substrate

Nariaki Ikeda , Jiang Li , Kazuo Kato , Shuusuke Kaya , Toshiaki Kazama , Takuya Kokawa , Yoshihiro Sato , Masayuki Iwami , Takehiko Nomura , Mitsuru Masuda and Sadahiro Kato


Epitaxial growth technology for GaN devices on large-diameter Si substrate has been studied in this paper, which is essential for device cost reduction. In an effort to improve the buffer breakdown voltage for increasing the breakdown voltage of the device, carbon concentration in the GaN layer is controlled to find that the carbon concentration significantly contributed to buffer breakdown voltage improvements. Device performance is evaluated for the devices with an AlGaN/GaN HFET structure on Si substrate, and it is shown that the performance was equivalent to that of the device on sapphire substrate. A large-area device having this structure is fabricated in order to confirm its potential as a power device, and a current capacity of 120 A or more and a breakdown voltage of 1.3 kV has been achieved. On the other hand, with respect to the problematical issue of current collapse in GaN HFETs, the HFET structure on Si substrate has resulted in a significant improvement compared with the structure on sapphire substrate, thus realizing a high-performance device that does not show a salient current collapse up to 900 V.

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