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Furukawa Review No.35

Development of ITLA Using a Full-Band Tunable Laser

Koji Horikawa, Atsushi Yamamoto, Takashi Osada, Hiroyuki Koshi, Yoshitaka Yafuso, and Tatsuro Kurobe


A laser control module complying with the integrable tunable laser assembly (ITLA) standards has been developed. A DFB laser array that covers either the C- or L-band in wavelength is incorporated in this module, enabling precise wavelength control by using a wavelength locker integrated with the laser. Also, by controlling each the SOA, DFB laser and two independent TECs, the optical output intensity and wavelength can be tuned. Moreover, dithering functions have been implemented including FM for SBS suppression and AM for signal discrimination. In this paper, the configuration of this module is described and main characteristics including wavelength stability are presented.

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