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Furukawa Review No.35

Development of YBCO High-Tc Superconducting Power Cables

Shinichi Mukoyama, Masashi Yagi, Hirao Hirata, Mitsuo Suzuki, Shigeo Nagaya, Naoji Kashima, and Yuh Shiohara


The high-Tc superconducting cable (HTS cable) is expected to be brought to practical application in the future as a power cable because it can simultaneously realize bulk power transmission, compactness, low loss and low cost. In particular, the coated-conductor of YBCO tape is promising as a superconducting material of the HTS cable thanks to a high critical current and a low cost. Furukawa Electric started developing the YBCO HTS cable in the last NEDO project as Collaborative Research and Development of Fundamental Technologies for Superconductivity Applications under a commission of ISTEC. We investigated the applicability of a coated-conductor to an HTS cable in the project, and we verified that a coated conductor has a good potential for HTS cables. Also, we studied about important technologies related to AC loss reduction, a cable design and a cable joint, and we fabricated and tested a 10 m-class HTS cable.

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