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Furukawa Review No.37

1060 nm VCSEL Array for Optical Interconnection

Norihiro Iwai, Keishi Takaki, Hitoshi Shimizu, Suguru Imai, Yasumasa Kawakita, Shinichi Kamiya, Koji Hiraiwa, Tomohiro Takagi, Takuya Ishikawa, Naoki Tsukiji, and Akihiko Kasukawa


Recently, due to the increase in information volume, optical interconnection is widely spreading in board to board data communication and in other IT equipments. Furthermore, due to increase in information volume, needs for low power consumption version of vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) are increasing in data centers and others. Furukawa Electric has achieved the world highest 62% power conversion efficiency in VCSEL, by implementing the double intra-cavity contacted structure to the 1060nm wavelength chip structure. And, we have confirmed that the VCSEL has sufficient margin in eyeaperture at the 10 Gb/s operation. In addition, we performed reliability test using a total of 3,467 chips, and have verified the random failure at 81FIT per one chip and at 972FIT per 12-channels array. With these test results, the newly developed 1060nm VCSEL has been evaluated promising satisfactory results as light source for high speed optical inter connection, at which low power consumption is required.

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