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Transmitted Light Analysis

The PERFLOW series incorporate a unique optical fiber alignment flow cell which enables transmitted light measurement and provides superior sensitivity, thereby delivering high-precision analysis of cell size.

Optical fiber-based flow cell structure

The end faces of the exciting and receiving optical fibers are built in the wall of flow cell. This configuration minimizes the free space between the exciting and receiving sides, achieving high-sensitivity measurements.


Measurement of transmitted light information

In the analysis of the transmitted light information, the intensity level of the exciting light received before a cell passes by is measured as the initial value, and the difference between the initial value and the attenuated level caused by the passage of the cell is used for analysis.

Compared with the conventional forward scatter light information, the transmitted light information provides higher sensitivity on cell size measurement. Furthermore, it has the potential of analyzing the internal structure of cells taking advantage of the difference in the light transmittance between the cytoplasm and cell nucleus.


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