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What is Flow Cytometer?

A flow cytometer is an instrument that analyses, through collecting optical and fluorescent signals, the size and internal structure as well as gene/protein expression of individual cells in fast flow. Some flow cytometers (cell sorter) have the capacity to sort the cells provided with specified information even in a viable condition from a large cell population.

Generally, flow cytometric analysis utilize the forward scatter light signal that reflects the cell size, the side scatter signal that describes the internal structure of cells, as well as the fluorescent signals that suggests the information about the proteins and genes of cells. To separate targeted cells, furthermore, ultrasonic vibration is often used to form minute droplets containing the cells, which are then sorted by high-voltage charging.

Recently, Furukawa Electric Co. launched PERFLOW Sort, a new-generation flow cytometer with the novel concept in analysis and sorting of cells. It delivers high-performance & high-precision analysis using transmitted light signals as well as unique damage-less sorting at a high survival rate for living cells.

PERFLOW Sort adopts non-droplet cell sorting method based on mechanical flow changeover instead of the common techniques including ultrasonic wave and high-voltage charging which might do damage to living cells, best suitable for sorting the cells with inducible pluripotency to differentiate into various cell types such as ES cells, iPS cells as well as somatic stem cells.

Features of PERFLOW

High-precision analysis using transmitted light information

Based on its unique optical fiber alignment flow cell design, PERFLOW delivers high-precision measurement and analysis of cell size.

Damage-less sorting of living cells

Our unique fixed optical fiber alignment flow cell enables to monitor precisely the speed of cells on a real-time basis, based on which the sorting nozzle tip is mechanically switched at high speed to culture plate. This non-droplet sorting technique does not adopt any method which may bring damage to the sorted living cells such as ultrasonic waves, high-voltage charging or high hydraulic pressures, thus achieving cell sorting almost without any physical damage.

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