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PERFLOW Sort (for analysis & sorting)

PERFLOW Sort (for analysis & sorting)

Furukawa Electric Co. launched PERFLOW Sort, a new-generation flow cytometer with the novel concept in analysis and sorting of cells. It delivers high-performance & high-precision analysis using transmitted light signals as well as unique damage-less sorting at a high survival rate for living cells.


  • Suitable for sorting delicate living cells such as Human iPS cells.
  • The optical fiber array-coupled flow cell design delivers high sensitivity.
  • High-precision measurement of cell size using transmitted light(TL) signal .
  • No optical axis adjustment is required.
  • Real-time flow speed monitoring.
  • Available exciting light source (laser) option.
  • Easy-to-use benchtop instrument.
  • Excitation laser option available.

Analysis functions

  • Multicolor analysis based on transmitted light and side scatter light information.
  • Easy-to-use management & analysis software (PERFLOW) installed as standard.
  • Measurement data are provided in the format corresponding to FCS3.0 date format.

Sorting functions

  • Damage-less sorting based on mechanical changeover mechanism without ultrasonic wave, charge and high pressure.
  • Variable cell number sorting from one to arbitrary numbers of cells per well
  • Variable bulk sorting from single cell to cell cluster
  • Sort single cell as well as cell mass into up to 384 multi-well plates.
  • Easy aseptic setup and cleaning.


Accommodated Laser Semiconductor laser: 488nm(20mW) , 635nm(15mW), 405nm or 560nm(Option)
Optical Parameters 2 transmitted light(TL), 1 side scatter and 4 fluorescence(up to 11 fluorescence with 3 laser)
Fluorescence FITC, PI(PE), PeCy5(7-AAD), APC, and DAPI etc.Option)
Sensitivity <200 MESF FITC(when Spherotech Rainbow Beads used)
Data Resolution 4 decades(Up to 5 decades)
Coefficient of variation CV: below 2.5%(BD QC Particles used)
Sensitivity of scatter detector 1μm to 99 μm
Analysis Rate 20,000 events/second
Adjustment of light axis No need
Sort Method Mechanical flow changeover
Sort Rate 10 cells/second(for single cell sorting to single well)(Note)
Plate Deposition 96 MTP or tube(suitable for 6-384 multi-well plates and tube)
Sort mode Single  or  Enrich
Analysis Gates 15 gates(Extensible)
Sort Purity > 95%(single mode)
Standard parameter Main: 10 parameters(Total : 30 parameters)
All parameters available can be saved
Original parameter Flow velocity
Compensation All fluorescense
Available Signal Height(log/lin), Area(log/lin) , Width(lin) , Time
System Pressure 4 PSI
Other Available to sort under sterile conditions
Software Standard control-analysis software (correspondent to FCS3.0 date format)
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7
Power 100~240V AC
Size 690×675×520mm WDH (3 lasers option:845×675×520mm WDH)
Weight About 90kg

(Note):The target cell with a low existence rate (an existence rate is less than 0.5%) can be sorted efficiently by using the unique Two-step sorting method.
For example, an existence rate of the target cell is 0.05%; single target cell can be sorted to every wells of a 96 MTP in less than 30 minutes by using the Two-step sorting method. Back to Main Content

Fluorescence composition option

Number of colors Fluorescent light
2color FITC, PE(PI)
3color FITC, PE, PeCy5
4color FITC, PE, PeCy5, APC

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