Single Cell Hunter

Microchip-based high-throughput screening system helps open
innovation and creativity in life sciences.

The 5th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award

Single Cell Hunter

Single Cell Hunter integrates unique microchip, high-throughput screening and high-precision cell acquisition technologies, providing a promising and versatile platform to identify and recover the live single cells of interest that have the most powerful physiological functions.

Different from flow cytometer, Single Cell Hunter analyzes live cells on a microchip within a temperature-adjustable chamber with an exceptional advantage in catching the responses of stimulated cells under a near-physiological conditions and in identifying them in a time-lapse mode, which enables accurate evaluation of the real potential of each cell.

Besides standard microchips for dynamic identification and recovery of fluorescence-labeled cells, the pre-coated microchips are available to perform fluorescence-linked immunosorbent assay for identification of the cells that have an ability to secrete antibodies or specific antigen proteins.

Single Cell Hunter offers multi-color high-sensitivity screening using multiple-parameter fluorescent signals and transmitted light signal. Its artificial intelligence-based high-precision cell-friendly pick-up and drop-off technology enables recovery of even a single yeast cell as small as 3-μm in diameter from a 10-μm micro-well.

Key features

  • High sensitivity and resolution ideal for identifying various kinds of cells and DNA fragments
  • High-precision single cell pick-up and- drop off
  • High-speed and multicolor real-time & time-lapse analysis
  • High-throughput screening with high-density microchips up to 338,560 wells
  • Easy to learn, use and maintain
  • Small footprint


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