You can watch the programs broadcast by stations in India and Southeast Asia below.

We will add to and update the programs as required.

The programs are sometimes produced in combination with other organizations. In those cases, the Furukawa Electric video is included in either the first or second half.

6thCutting edge technology & traditional skill(FITEL Products Division ; Industrial Laser System)

5thTop technology for construction(Industrial Cable & Power Cable Accsssories Division ; XLPE insulated aluminum conductor Power Cable)

4thCutting edge technology of Japan(AT & Functional Plastics Division ; Karate Tatami)

3rdDistinctive progress of Japanese company in 2019(R&D Division ; Superconducting Flywheel Energy Storage System)

2ndBusiness development beyond border(Automotive Products & Batteries, FAS Skills Olympics)

1stSkill up & strategy to improve social life (Communications Solutions, FCS)