Basic Approach

Although we have taken continuing actions toward arranging better working conditions for women and promoting employee work-life balance since the 2005 fiscal year, we are also proceeding with a wide range of other measures to accelerate the creation of working environments which can allow our diverse human resources to be fully active. These measures include the establishment of a Diversity Promotion Office in April 2014, activities to enhance the awareness of diversity and inclusion, measures to promote the activity of women, and advancement of autonomous work-life management by employees.

Human Resource Management Policy

The Furukawa Electric Group aims to make use of a diverse range of talented people all over the world to become a corporate group overflowing with creativity and dynamism. Continually developing human resources who are truly capable of embodying our group philosophy is the key principle behind how we manage human resources.

Previous Measures

Awareness of diversity and inclusion

Embrace diverse human resources and foster a culture in which each of our strengths can be demonstrated.

Measures to promote women's careers [promotion of management positions, career development support, recruitment enhancement, etc.]

Deepen individual engagement and strategically foster female managers

Promoting autonomous work-life management

Support the flexible working style of employees and aim to improve job satisfaction and work styles

Topics: Holding a Diversity Forum

We regularly conduct lectures by experts to promote understanding of diversity and inclusion, and a company-wide forum for the purpose of promoting women's activities.
In FY 2018, “V Challenge !! Forum” was held as part of diversity promotion activities at Yokohama works of Furukawa Electric. Nearly 80 people including group company participated, and exchanged views very actively about respecting the diversity of individuals and the importance of being involved and helping each other.

Initiatives of Group Companies