We set up a system for various life events such as pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, and nursing care, a variety of leave systems, Flextime system and telework, and aim to improve the work-life balance of employees.

Birthday leave In-house system that birthday becomes holiday
Accumulated leave Up to ten days of annual paid leave can be accumulated, for up to five years.
Consecutive leave Employees are able to take three consecutive holidays once a year and five consecutive holidays every five years so that they can enjoy well planned holidays and refresh their mind and body.
Refresh leave Employees in their 25th year of employment are able to take from 14 through 31 consecutive leave days per year.
Volunteer leave Employees are able to take vacations up to 10 days for disaster support etc.
Flex-time system We adopt flexible working hours system which enables employees to work efficiently according to the business demand.
Telework Usable by anyone meeting certain conditions such as application of the flex-time system.

Accredited as a Company that Actively Supports the Development of the Next Generation.

Since 2007, Furukawa Electric has acquired the "Kurumin" mark, and is actively working to enhance childcare support as a certified business owner.