Although Furukawa Electric Group does not currently produce or import any products containing asbestos, some of the industrial-use products we made and sold in the past contained asbestos. These include electrical wiring for ships, and fire-resistant products for constructing telecommunications and electrical power facilities, etc.

In addition, we are currently examining the buildings and plants of Furukawa Electric and our affiliates to determine if asbestos-containing building materials have been used. Inspections for asbestos dispersal in buildings in which spray-on materials had been used have confirmed the presence of asbestos, and removal work or containment measures have been taken to prevent future dispersal. We have also proceeded to replace equipment and fixtures in which asbestos insulation has been used so as to prevent dispersal, with planned replacements of all items which are currently not dispersing asbestos with items not containing it. For other items, we conduct regular inspections and introduce alternates during facility renewals.

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