Our company established a specialized organization for "work style reform" in May 2015 and began related initiatives with the aim of balancing sustainable corporate growth with the enhancement of the individual lifestyles(lives) of our employees. We are promoting a variety of measures from both the perspectives of "reforming work styke", with the objective of improving both productivity and job satisfaction, and "reforming our organizational culture", whose goals are to reinforce the core values of our company Group:"innovation", "ownership and speed", and "collaboration".

In-house System for Fexible Working Styles

In January 2017, we introduced a "telework system". By removing restrictions on work locations, this system will enable employees to perform their conventional duties more efficiently and focus on creative work. This is expected to bring about improved productivity per hour and other enhancements to work quality and performance.
Furthermore, allowing work in hourly units at locations perform work at specific times due to personal affairs, has the goal differently from the existing "home work system"(introduced in FY2012) which is intended to support child care and nursing care, as it is usable by anyone meeting certain conditions such as appkication of the flex-time system.

(Note) Telework
A work styles which uses telecommunications technology to remove limitations on places and times for performing duties.
The term is formed from a combination of “tele” (“distant”) and “work”.

Topics: "IkuBoss" Enterprise Alliance

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. has recently become a member of the “IkuBoss Corporate Alliance” sponsored by Specified NPO Fathering Japan (Representative Director: Tetsuya Ando).