We will construct a strong technology of the world share No.1, will continue to realize the dream of future

Advanced Technologies R&D Laboratories is a key center of excellence that pursues advanced technologies as well as core manufacturing technologies, leading to next-generation businesses of Furukawa Electric. We also collaboratively support Furukawa related companies and other research institutes that have a wide range of business areas.

Message from the Manager

Our mission is to strengthen basic technologies and develop core advanced technologies from a long term point of view. Advanced Technologies R&D Laboratories collaborates not only internally but also across other Furukawa Laboratories.

Our main research areas include; new materials utilizing nanostructure-control of metals, organic and inorganic materials; and analysis technology focused mainly on simulations as well as chemical and physical analysis.

We does not stick to that to create all of the technology, continue to promote open innovation, we hope to speed up the R&D. For them, we polished exhaustively our advanced technology and will continue to realize dreams of the future.

Advanced Technologies R&D Laboratories will continue to play an extremely active role toward discovering new businesses that will form the backbone of future Furukawa Electric Group.

Advanced Technologies R&D Laboratories
Sadahiro Kato

Main theme

New technologies and business creation

  • Nanotechnologies
  • Medical and diagnostic related technologies
  • Battery technologies and materials
  • Highly conductive, ultralightweight materials
  • Analysis and simulation technologies
  • Reliability technologies

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