We are taking on challenges to invent ”next generation infrastructure” that combines the areas of information, energy and mobility and implement it within society.

As part of our efforts to embody Furukawa Vision 2030, the Future Infrastructure Technology Center has come up with concept of “future infrastructure”, which integrates information, energy and mobility. Our aim is to achieve social implementation.

The Center works with the goals of cocreating social infrastructure to build a sustainable world and make people’s life safe, peaceful and rewarding, and using acceptably-priced social infrastructure to bring about smart communities.

Message from the Manager

Major transformations are underway; in the field of information, this includes the introduction of 5G, whereas in the field of energy there has been massive introduction of sustainable energy, and in the field of mobility the CASE revolution is happening. During this period of great upheaval, the Future Infrastructure Technology Center comes up with the solutions needed to facilitate the cocreation of social infrastructure that is safe, peaceful, rewarding and environmentally friendly, and we work hard to achieve social implementation of these solutions.

Solutions include telecommunications systems to support next-generation mobility (use of 5G), underground wiring technology that links people and cities, wireless power transmission technologies, robust energy networks, and revolutionary battery technologies. We carry out development to invent Future Infrastructure that combines the areas of information, energy and mobility and implement it within society.

By achieving these technologies we are cocreating a higher level of future infrastructure business. With this goal in mind, our team members possess a wide variety of specialist skills and knowledge and work alongside our many business divisions and in collaboration with our partners to incorporate open innovation into our activities.

Future Infrastructure Technology Center
Manager Michihiro Shimada

Main theme

Urban development and underground cabling

Information (5G) × mobility

Energy × mobility

Information × mobility

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