Explore the possibilities of laser processing

 In recent years, the market for industrial lasers such as metal processing has been expanding dramatically, and the demand of adopting fiber lasers for such applications has been growing instead of conventional solid-state and gas lasers since fiber lasers stably provide a high electric-optic conversion efficiency and the excellent quality of laser beam. In 2011, Furukawa Electric launched mass production of fiber lasers for the first time in Japan, utilizing our fundamental technologies cultivated over the long period of time in the field of semiconductor lasers and optical fiber amplifiers for optical communications, and has been keeping the development of high-power single-mode fiber lasers with the world's highest level of beam quality.
 In order to realize a sustainable society, the electrification of mobile vehicles has been demanded and hence the laser precision processing for copper materials has been required to manufacture their motors and batteries. Utilizing our professional knowledge on copper materials and laser processing, we are developing fiber laser systems for precision copper processing.
 Copper is a well-known material that is difficult for laser processing, because it has low light absorption in the near infrared (NIR) wavelength range and high thermal conductivity. We are taking on technical challenges to resolve this difficult issue.

Our mission

 The Advanced Laser Development Project Team have noted that blue and green visible lasers have a high light absorption coefficient for copper materials. We have been focused on blue lasers and jointly working with Nichia Corporation to develop a blue direct diode laser (DDL) system. We have developed a "Blue-IR hybrid laser(BRACE™)" product that combines an NIR fiber laser system proven in the market and the new blue DDL system. We could successfully demonstrate an excellent quality of the laser processing by using the hybrid laser system.
 We keep taking on technical challenges to expand and enhance our copper processing solutions. We aim to provide the best solution upon customer's requirements.

Blue-IR Hybrid-laser

Example of Copper Processing by Blue-IR Hybrid Laser

  • Fiber laser



  • Blue-IR Hybrid-laser



Uniform processing capability by the usage of the hybrid laser

Laser welding for 8 µm copper foil  x 50 sheets + copper sheet t0.5 mm