Exploitation of Future Technology for Telecommunications and Energy

Telecommunications & Energy Laboratories undertakes comprehensive technologies including IT-related technologies such as optical fiber, photonic device and photonic subsystems and energy–related technologies such as power cable insulation and connection technologies and exploitation of ocean energy in an effort to sophisticate telecommunication and energy related infrastructures.

The landmark technologies emerging from the Telecommunications & Energy Laboratories contribute to the construction of not only worldwide optic communication networks but also new energy and new infrastructures such as smart grid and smart community in addition to the advancements of industrial electronics and consumer products.

Message from the Manager

Telecommunication & Energy Laboratories are in charge of wide spread research projects, such as ultra-low loss optical fibers, high-speed optical devices, wideband optical amplifiers, industrial high-power lasers, telecommunications cable coating materials and power cable insulation and connection materials.

All these projects will lead to the key building-blocks and basic technologies, which sustain the future infrastructure of advanced safety, security, and efficiency. We believe that the results of the projects will benefit next-generation society & Earth.

We take pride in our research with continuous challenges to create new products in telecommunication & energy. It is our commitment to the corporate philosophy; to the realization of a sustainable society.

Telecommunications & Energy Laboratories
General Manager Akira Fujisaki

Main theme

  • Optical fibers and related technologies
    • Ultra-low-loss optical fibers
    • Multicore optical fibers
    • Optical fiber amplification technologies
    • Optical fiber sensor technologies
  • Power cable coating materials and related technologies
    • Next-generation crosslinking technologies
    • A variety of environmentally friendly cable materials
    • Lightweight Aluminium conductor cable insulation technologies
    • Telecommunications cable coating materials
    • Power cable insulation and connection technologies
  • Various cables for marine application
  • Optical communication devices and related technologies
    • Ultra-high-speed and ultra-small ITLA
    • Wavelength-tunable technologies
    • Optical waveguide technologies
  • Industrial laser systems and related technologies
    • High-power fiber lasers
    • High-power semiconductor lasers

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