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Expanding the Future of Humans and the Earth! Core Technologies for the Next-Generation Automobiles

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Hybrid cars surge in popularity! Its background is such that...

When we become accustomed to comfortable life...

Warming in the temperature of the atmosphere and ocean, so called global warming which can give impact on the ecosystem also lead to erosion of the coastline caused by sea level rise, have been concern. In ecosystems, decrease of food production and increase of extinct species are worried. Sea level rise leads to disappearance of island and beach. (If national land is reduced, territorial sea also becomes narrower.)In addition, it is said that global warming is the cause of abnormal weather as territorial rain and drought.

The effort of only by particular countries and region, the suppression effect of global warming is limited. Then, international efforts have been made.

The main cause of global warming is considered to result from the increase in green house gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and nitrogen oxides. The green house gases are basically necessary substances on the earth, in that without these gases the temperatures in most part of the earth surface would be below zero, rendering it rather difficult for human beings to live there. But the current situation, in which the green house gases covering the earth surface continue to increase in compensation for a life of convenience, may be compared to unbalanced dietary life. It does not mean that one becomes immediately ill, but that one would presumably become troubled in the future.

Most of the greenhouse gases that are artificially emissions due to CO2, the transmission sector accounts for those of approx. 20% then reduction efforts as the large emission sector are required.

Only because automobiles are convenient and indispensable, they have to be environment-friendly.

Automobiles have been socially played a major role as a means of transportation to support the movement of people and logistics. The convenience makes it the necessities of the modern society. That’s why fuel consumption improvement is an important issue as global warming countermeasure. Japan and the United States have set a minimum standard of automotive fuel consumption; Europe has directly enhanced the CO2 regulation. As methods to improve the fuel consumption (measures to reduce CO2), reduction of the dependence on petroleum-based fuel, improvement of drive system (engine, motor), vehicle weight reduction (Light weight vehicle can drive far with less fuel consumption.) are listed. Thus automotive technology, in addition to the conventional requests such as “safety” and “comfort”, is expected to evolve in response to more requirements of the current era such as “environmental compatibility”, “reduction of environmental load”.

The automobile, which reduces environmental load by no using or significantly reduce the use of gasoline, etc. fossil fuel, is positioned as next generation automobile. Next-generation automobiles are classified by driving method as follows: hybrid vehicles (HV) driven by engines and motors, natural gas vehicles (NGV) and clean diesel vehicles (CDV) driven by engines; spread of each vehicle are progressing. And entry into the market of electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV) has begun. In the future, the entry of fuel cell vehicles (FCV) is expected.

In the gasoline petroleum fuel system vehicle, because of fuel consumption improvement and suppression of CO2 emission, technological development such as improvement of engine efficiency and driving system, weight reduction of are in progress. As a result, more and more energy-saving technologies are continued to be developed.

In the automotive fuel, the study of bio-energy like bio-ethanol, which does not generate CO2 even burning, has been in progress. (from next generation automobile・fuel Initiative in  Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Type of the next-generation automobiles
Type of the next-generation automobiles

The roll of the next generation automobile in smart community realization

Large amount of introduction of the environmentally friendly renewable energy, such as solar power or wind power, has been promoted. However these powers have issues in such as voltage variation of electric power network. In addition, securing energy supply in the event of disaster is an issue.

In correspondence with these issues, efficient energy operation systems, which include not only the electricity but also heat and transportation, have been studied. This is the smart community.

EV and PHV are expected to contribute in smart community realization by supplying electricity from batteries.


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