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Smart grid society realized by merging technology and intelligence

Smart grid system

The Furukawa Electric Group provides a broad range of solutions to the realization of smart grid, including power and communication trunk cables, power and communication equipment, Superconductive application and storage batteries.

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Smart Grid related technologies of Furukawa Electric

  • (A) Trunk cable

    In terms of power systems, ultra-high voltage XLPE cables, distribution cables and systems are supplied, contributing to stabilized supply of electricity. In terms of communication systems in this era of Internet, a wide variety of optical hardware and systems are supplied including optical fibers and optical devices that constitute high-capacity, high-speed, long-haul optical communication systems.

    • Power cables

      In terms of power systems, ultra-high voltage XLPE cables, distribution cables and systems are supplied, contributing to stabilized supply of electricity. In terms of communication systems in this era of Internet, a wide variety of optical hardware and systems are supplied including optical fibers and optical devices that constitute high-capacity, high-speed, long-haul optical communication systems.

    • Optical fiber cables and optical communication systems

      A wide variety of optical components and systems are supplied to realize high-capacity, high-speed, long-haul optical communication systems, covering optical fibers through equipment, devices and components. In terms of smart grid, we provide real-time, bidirectional communications.

  • (B) Electric wires

  • Our provision includes remote sensing systems for sensing strain, temperature and electric current in power transmission and distribution networks and facilities, as well as environment-friendly eco electric wires.

    • ECO electric wires

      We provide, as power distribution cables to customers and various electric wires to be used in automobiles and electronic equipment, flame-retardant electric wires that do not emit toxic gases when incinerated. When applied in new energy source facilities such as solar power stations, these wires and cables enable construction of really environment-friendly systems.

    • Recycled electric wires

      We have been successful, for the first time in the world, in recycling the waste of cross-linked polyethylene used for power cable insulation, whereby suitable heat and shearing force are applied to break down the cross-linked structure, thereby achieving low-molecular weight and thermo-plasticization. This technology has enabled reusing the recycled material for electric wire insulation.

  • (C) Power storage

  • Capacitor-hybridized lead-acid batteries of long service life are provided together with materials for lithium-ion batteries, enhancing the performance of storage batteries that are indispensable for smart grid and hybrid vehicles.

    • Ultra battery

      A storage battery that can deal with rapid charging and discharging, which was difficult for conventional lead-acid batteries. The battery holds considerable promise as a parallel installation storage battery in the smart grid, energy management systems for buildings, wind power generation and solar power generation.

    • Battery diagnostic device (Battery Condition Watcher, BCW) (PDF 4.0MB) (Go to “Furukawa Battery” Website)

      This is a diagnostic device for valve-regulated lead-acid batteries that do not need checkup of electrolyte level or water refilling, in which the internal impedance, voltage and temperature are continuously measured to diagnose the battery conditions based on the measurement data. The device contributes to facilitation of maintenance work and to reliability enhancement.

    • Copper foil for negative electrode of lithium-ion secondary battery, NC-WS Foil

      This copper foil has high performance and high reliability as a copper foil for the negative electrode of lithium-ion secondary batteries. This copper foil has a proven track record in mobile phones and notebook PCs, and we are now optimizing its performance for the batteries in plug-in hybrid cars and electric vehicles.

    • Package type electricity storage system

      The electricity storage system with improved workability; 50kW, 288 kWh long life lead electricity storage battery and necessary functions are set in one package. Emergency electric power supply function and peak cut & shift function are mounted. Our own Battery Management System (BMS) monitors electricity storage state and realizes the longer life.

    • V2B + lithium ion battery system

      This system is equipped with 10kWh lithium ion electricity storage battery, peak shift in daytime and effective electric power usage are available. This is a multi-electricity storage system that can receive electric power not only from the lithium ion battery but also from a vehicle. As a matter of course, this system takes the energy of solar power without wasting and realizes the environment and human-friendly electric power supply. In addition, the autonomous operation function is equipped to supply the stored electric power, even at the time of any chance of an electric power outage.

  • (D) Transmission and distribution water pipe

    • Polyethylene pipe (Go to “Aqualex : Polyethylene pipe” Website.)

      Aqualex series is a fluid transport polyethylene pipe for water and sewerage, fire water and agriculture water, and realized a lighter weight than steel pipe also "bunch, drum winding and 10m of straight pipe" comparing to the conventional polyethylene pipe length. This allows improvement in workability, shortening the construction period and reduction in connection points.

    • Submarine water pipe (Go to “Aqualex : Polyethylene pipe” Website.)

      Aqualex is the original products of Furukawa Electrics, developed by taking the advantage of the more than 100 years of Furukawa Electrics' historic submarine cable technology. This pipe is mainly used for water supply to islands and peninsulas, besides; this pipe can be used for gas and liquid such as natural gas and petroleum transportation also for seawater intake and drainage of sewage.

    • Deep sea water intake pipe (Go to “Aqualex : Polyethylene pipe” Website.)

      Aqualex is the ideal pipe products for water conveyance for clean sea water intake and nutrition water supply in the processes from seeding production to intermediate breeding in the current farming fishery. The steel wire exterior polyethylene pipe can withstand to tide and waves, moreover installation with flexibly matching to undulating seabed is available.

  • (E) Superconductive application

  • Since the yttrium-based superconducting power cable under development can reduce the power transmission loss over the cable, it is expected as a highly efficient power transmission cable.

    • Superconductive power cables

      Superconducting power cables can transmit large amounts of electric power with low loss. In particular, great expectations are placed on the yttrium-based superconducting power cable as a highly efficient power transmission cable. Considering that the high-temperature superconducting cable is the core of environment-friendly next-generation electric power grid, we are proceeding with its development aiming at early practical applications.

  • (F) Mega Solar (solar power generation)

  • For Mega Solar systems we provide aluminum alloy racks optimally designed for weight reduction, and cables ideal for connecting solar cell modules.

    • Cable for solar power generation systems (Go to “Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable” Website)

      These cables have superior environmental performance in terms of weather, heat and cold resistance, rendering them best suited for solar cell module-to-module, solar cell module-to-joint box, and joint box-to-power conditioner connections in solar power generation systems.

    • Green Trough (Go to “Green Trough” website)

      This is an environment friendly cable protecting trough using a recycled plastic. It is light weighted as approximately 1/4 of a concrete trough so, work load is much less and laying speed up can be achieved. Furthermore, this product has excellent features in durability, impact resistance, flame retaldancy and easy site treatment.

  • (G) Wind power generation (onshore and offshore)

    • Cable for wind power generation (Go to “Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable” Website)

      Cables used in wind power generation towers are required with twist resistance, cool resistance and heat resistance. We are providing highly reliable cables taking advantage of experience that has been cultivated in the moving cable. The rubber material with excellent flexibility is applied to the special high-voltage cable to match with the connector processing at the cable end.

    • Floating riser cable for electric power generation

      In the case of a power cable is connected to an offshore floating riser cable for electric power generation equipment, the cable is constantly subjected to swinging of the floating body caused by tide and waves, and lifetime of the cable is extremely shortened. The riser cable, adopting a swinging strong structure, can realize the lifetime equivalent to the floating body.

  • (H) Disaster prevention, security

    • Optical fiber sensing technology

      The sensor unit of the optical fiber sensor is made of glass, and electric and electronic circuit elements are not used, so high reliability is kept in severe environments. This is effective in environmentally sever places such as electrical noisy and lightning often places, flood prone places and electric power supply is tight places.

  • (I) Electric vehicles

    • Charging cable/connector (PDF 472KB) (Go to "Furukawa review" page)

      "Cable hardness" and "operation difficulty", which are felt by electric vehicle users in charging, are improved by combining with high flexibility cable. This is the product for rapid charging that can be used with small insertion force and friendly to safety.

  • (J) Wireless electric power supply for industry and vehicles

    • Wireless electric power transmission technology

      Our wireless electric power transmission system is available to configured the electric power transmission electrode with thin and flexible conductive material, and contribute to the improvement of designing of the devices mounting the electrode also contribute to downsizing and weight reduction of the devices.

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