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Optical Fiber and Cable Identifier

ID-H/R v3 Optical Fiber Identifier

Advanced, compact and simple to operate the new FITEL Fiber Identifier offers enhanced fiber detection.


  1. Improved traffic direction recognition, even in brightly lit environments. 10 times increased sensitivity.
  2. Enhanced sensitivity using the light receiving adjustment function.
  3. The increased display functionality shows the communication light intensity in the optical fiber.
  4. G657 A2 optical fiber (ITU R7.5) can also be identified.
  5. The device does not require head changes or adjustments.
  6. Wide dynamic range.
  7. The brighter LED display provides improved clarity.
  8. Super low insertion loss.
ID-H/R v3
Product Name Code Package details
ID-H/R v3 Main unit AI02H03 Includes battery, strap and instruction manual
Carry Case AI02H-001 With belt or tool case loop
Item Specification
Applicable Fiber Up to SM 12-fiber ribbon SM 250um single fiber Up to 3mm Cordage (built-in only SM 250um single fiber) SM 900um tight buffer (Reference value)
Applicable Wavelength 900 to 1700nm
Frequency for Tone Signal 270Hz and 1kHz and 2kHz(Duty ratio 50±10%) Modulation Light
No Modulation Light
Communication Light that Continues
Measurement Range of Optical Power *1 0 to -80dBm
Maximum Level of Insertion Loss (Typical) 1310nm 0.1dB 0.5dB
1550nm 1.0dB 2.0dB
1650nm 2.5dB 3.0dB
Average Minimum Detection Level *2 (Typical) 1310nm -40dBm -30dBm -15dBm
1550nm -50dBm -40dBm
Indication for Traffic Signal or Tone Signal [ Traffic Signal *3]
Direction LED illuminates + Intermittent buzzer sound + Displays an optical power measurement range on the LCD
[ Tone Signal ]
Direction LED illuminates + Tone LED illuminates + Continuous buzzer sound + Displays an optical power measurement range on the LCD + Displayed frequency on the LCD
Operating Time 8 hours (Using alkaline battery)
Item Storage temperature -20 to 60°C (humidity 0 to 95%)
Operating temperature -10 to 50°C (humidity 0 to 95%)
Dimensions (W×D×H) 40×65×163mm
Weight 170g (Including battery)

*1 Duty ratio 50%

*2 This specification is based on our optical fiber with our test method.

*3 DO NOT disconnect or rewire based only on the trafic signal detection. Make sure to launch the tone signal before disconnecting or rewiring the fiber.

Example of application

Example of application

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