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Optical Fiber and Cable Identifier

ID-L Hand Held Light Source


  • 4 Wavelength Lineup
  • Boost Function
    Activating the BOOST function increases the output signal by 10dB
  • Selection of 4 frequencies
  • Lightweight design for easy handling
    Operate more than 60 hours on battery
  • With Alkaline battery at 23°C/Without using boost function
    Removable Adapter For Easy Cleaning
  • RoHS Compliant

ID-L Hand Held Light Source

Item Code Remarks
Carrying Case AT03H-001 -
SC Adapter AT03H-002 Standard Accessory
FC Adapter AT03H-003 -
Please consult about other adapters.
Item Specification
Product name ID-L Handy Light Source 1310nm ID-L Handy Light Source 1490nm ID-L Handy Light Source 1550nm ID-L Handy Light Source 1610nm
Code AT03H31 AT03H49 AT03H55 AT03H61
Wavelength 1310±10nm 1490±10nm 1550±10nm 1610±10nm
Fiber type Single Mode Fiber
Spectrum width Less than 1nm (-20dB from peak power)
Modulation CW / 270Hz / 1kHz / 2kHz
Output power Normal: -2.5±2dBm 
Boost: +7.5±2dBm(3dB down at 70Hz,1kHz, 2kHz mode)
Stability ±0.05dB (1hour / Constant temperature)*
Optical connector SC Adapter (FC adapter is option)
Battery type AA Battery (Alkaline / Zinc-carbon / NiMH) 
Battery life Over 60 hours (Alkaline battery at 23°C)
Auto shutdown 10 minutes without any operation
Operating temp. 0 to 40°C
Operating humidity 20 to 90%RH (non-condensing) 
Dimensions 70W×22.5D×128H mm 
Weight 160g (Including batteries)
Accessories Strap ...1 / AA alkaline batteries ...2 / SC adapter ...1 / Instruction manual ...1

* Excluding state of boost.

Example of Application

Example of Application

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