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Hand-Held Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer



Key Features

Bright work area

3-LED lighting system makes splicing work easy and secure even in dimly lit environments.

Easy maintenance

The ability to remove the V-groove allows for easy detection of dust and debris and facilitates cleaning.

Great mobility

The optional Neck Strap work Table (NSB-02) secures the Fusion Splicer in place to allow for precision work.
No need to remove the fusion splicer when done.
The Neck Strap Work Table folds to allow the technician to move on to next job.

Other Features

  • Available for ALL Metro/LAN/FTTH fibers, from Single to 4-fibers ribbon
  • Wide splicing chamber allows for easy fiber loading
  • Fiber Curl Removal Function is available
  • 100 cycles (Splicing and Heating) from fully charged built-in-battery
  • Fast Splicing
    - Single Fiber : 13 sec.
    - Ribbon fiber : 15sec
  • Fast Heating
    - Heating time : 30 sec. (S924, Pre-heat mode)
  • Robust design : Drop | Water | Dust resistant
  • SOC compatible (SOC by Seiko Giken)

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