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Protection Sleeves

FITEL offers a wide variety of fusion splice protection sleeves to accommodate single and ribbon fiber. FTIEL's protection sleeves come in ribbon, standard, slim, mini, and macro sizes.
They are composed of an outer and an inner sleeve reinforced by an internal member made of stainless steel or ceramic.

Fusion Splice Protection Sleeves
S927 photo
Model and Contents
Model Applicable Fiber Length Typical diameter after heating Material/color of strength member Pieces
Normal size
S921 Single fiber,
coating diameter
60mm 2.8mm
Stainless steel
S922 40mm
S927A Single fiber,
and up to 8-fiber ribbon
40mm 3.9mm Ceramic/Black 100
S927B Single fiber,
and up to 12-fiber ribbon
Mini Sleeve(For short cleave length and compact sleeve size)
S928A20 Single fiber, 0.25-0.4mm coating diameter 20mm 1.6mm Stainless steel
S928A25 25mm
S928A35 35mm

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