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(Notice) Important information for FITEL customer

May 9, 2011

Dear Fitel Customer,

Furukawa Electric Co., LTD (“Furukawa”) has identified a potential issue associated with certain fusion splicing products. As a result, Furukawa is recommending customers return these specific units and is offering free replacements of the defective electronic circuits. Under rare conditions, it is possible for these electronic circuits to cause overheating of the heater element or melting of the heater unit.

This rare circuit malfunction is not easily detected. The machine appears to be powered down (both the LCD screen and the heater indicator light appears off) but the electronic circuit may still be active. In this circumstance, if the machine is left unattended or placed back in its hard carrying case, the heater casing could melt and damage the splicer.

Potentially affected splicer units include: S178A, S153A, S123C, S123M4, S123M8 and the S123M12.
Here is a list of all affected models.

Model Serial number
S178A Fusion Splicer ~ 03318
S153A Fusion Splicer ~ 01371
S123C Fusion Splicer ~ 01941
S123M4 Fusion Splicer ~ 01937
S123M8 Fusion Splicer ~ 01062
S123M12 Fusion Splicer ~ 01062

Visit the Furukawa website address at
to check your specific serial number to see if your machine is affected.

Please contact your customer service representative to schedule an appointment to upgrade your machine. In addition to circuit replacement, service to ensure the latest firmware is installed and electrode replacements will also be made free of charge.

In order to ensure normal operation of the splicer until it can be serviced, we recommend all users to make sure that the AC power cord is unplugged and that the batteries thereof are removed whenever the machine is not in use. Additionally, if a user observes or is aware of any unusual occurrence while using the machine, please immediately unplug the AC power cord and remove the batteries from fusion splicer machine’s main body.

Through the above actions, we hope to prove that we Furukawa company's commitment to high quality standards and ensuring that our products fully meet your expectations. As always, if you have questions or concerns on this issue or any other subject, please contact your customer service representative. We thank you for your business and your continued support.


Furukawa Electric Co., LTD

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