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Pipe floaters for dredging


Process flow for ordering

WOOKY is specially made for each order

QuotationReply quotation Order Form(Fax)

Explanations for the ordering process


Requests for quotations online are accepted from the WOOKY quotation page.

Please supply the required information, including the following:

  • Iron duct dimensions (outer diameter x wall thickness x length)[required]
  • Iron duct weight (an approximate figure is sufficient)[required]
  • Weight and dimensions of rubber joint sleeves[required]
  • Amount of iron ducts used [required]
  • Number of WOOKY used for bundling iron ducts[required]
  • Address for delivery of WOOKY [required]
  • Time to deliver WOOKY (or time of construction)[required]
  • Project name

To WOOKY quotation page

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Reply quotation

We will prepare a quotation for WOOKY specifications that suit the iron ducts you wish to use.
(Please note that some time is needed for preparing the quotation.)

  • The weight in transition is derived based on the dimensions and weight of the iron duct, and the product size is selected assuming the draft ratio to be 60%.
  • We will prepare a quotation in accordance with the selected product size.
  • Please note that about one month is needed from order completion to delivery. (Please confirm with our representative as the delivery date may differ depending on the dimensions and quantity.)

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Order Form (Fax)

An order form is attached to the quotation that we return to you.
Please fill in the requested items on the order form and fax it to the number below.

FAX:+81-03-3286-3472 To: Foamed Products Sales Department

(Note)Tying bands are sold separately. Please indicate at the time of inquiry if you need them.

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