Heat resistant, insulation tubing -
Furukawa's polyimide tubing

"Furukawa Polyimide Tubing" is a seamless tubing
made by polyimide resin which has
high heat and chemical resistance.

Excellent heat resistance

This tube can withstand up to 220℃ in continuous use and up to 400℃ for short period. Also it is safe even gets fire because of self extinction and no emission of noxious fumes.

UL certified by E58401 (note; limited to PIT-S)

Excellent thin wall thickness

Due to high tensile strength and stiffness, even the thin size of ID0.08mm×WT0.013mm is available.

You can use in the electronic devices which requires closely spaced wiring.

Features corresponding to various applications

Polyimide has high chemical resistance(except alkalis) or radiation and is good at adhesive.

RoHS compliants.

Good workability

Due to its regidity and smooth surface, it's easy to feed the wire inside. Soldering is also available.

(note) This product is not suitable for medical application. Do not use in the application which contacts directly or indirectly to human body, body fluid or drugs and medical devices. For these applications, please check "VASCULEX" developed for medicals.
Polyimide tubing for medical application "VASCULEX®"

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