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Polyimide Tubing / Heat Resistant Tubing

Furukawa Polyimide Tubing is a seamless tubing integrally formed only from polyimide resin alone, with no use of adhesives. It can be used for the insulation and covering of cables or cords in harsh environments where resin tubing had previously been unsuitable.

Highest Heat Resistance

No degradation occurs at 220ºC in continuous service or at 400ºC for short periods. Safety.
UL-certified No.E58401 (PIT-S only)

General Versatility

Polyimide resin is outstanding in adhesion and remains unaffected in chemicals (except alkalis) or radiation.
RoHS compliant.

Thinner Wall Thickness

It possesses voltage endurance characteristics equivalent to other types of resins such as fluororesins, but with a comparatively thinner wall thickness.

Easy Installation

Unitary polyimide tubing, being drag free and fairly rigid, allows easy feeding of wire through the inside.

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