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Signal Laser

Furukawa Electric has been providing signal lasers to various applications. In DWDM systems, wavelength selected DFB lasers cover ITU-T recommended wavelengths of C-band and L-band. To get a data sheet of pdf format, please click the part number of the following product list.

Signal Laser

Cooled lasers

DWDM applications

Fixed Wavelength Laser   Update 2016/4/26

Part Number LD type Package Description Modulation Output power Production level
Open PDFFRL15DCWA-A8x-xxxxx DFB Butterfly DWDM, 100G ITU grid, Fixed wavelength, RoHS6 CW 10mW Production
Open PDFFRL15DCWB-A8x-xxxxx DFB Butterfly DWDM, 100G ITU grid, RoHS6 CW 20mW Production
Open PDFFRL15DCWD-A8x-xxxxx DFB Butterfly DWDM, 100G ITU grid, RoHS6 CW 40mW Production
Open PDFFRL15DCWx-A8x-Wxxxx DFB Butterfly Selected wavelength between 1530nm and 1610nm, RoHS6 CW 10 - 40mW Production
Open PDFFRL15DCWx-A8x-W1510/1625 DFB Butterfly Supervisory 1510/1625nm, RoHS6 CW 10/20mW Production

DWDM 2.5Gbit/s modulation type and Analog modulation type for CATV/FFTx, Wirelsss communications have been discontinued.

Uncooled lasers

2.5Gbit/s modulation type for Digital applications, Analog modulation type for CATV/FTTx application and Wireless communications and TO-CAN have been discontinued.

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