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Furukawa Review No.18

Development of a Rotary Transformer,and Its Application to SRC Connectors

DongZhi Jin, Fumihiko Abe, Hajime Mochizuki


Spiral-type SRC connectors, which are a key element in air-bag systems, present problems with respect to the noise produced by the spiral cable and the adjustment of the center point that is required. Non-contact SRC connectors using a rotary transformer, on the other hand, have the advantages of completely noiseless operation and infinite rotating life, but suffer from a variety of severe restraints on their practical use. Furukawa Electric has been working on the development of a non-contact SRC connector, and has solved a major problem in applying rotary transformers--that of obtaining the detonating current needed to deploy an air bag with a delay of 1 msec or less, even when the core-to-core gap is 1mm or more. The principle of the non-contact SRC is introduced, and its structural features and energy transmission characteristics are described.

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