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Furukawa Review No.18

A Junction Block Incorporating a Micro Heat-Pipe

Yoshiaki Sawaki, Masami Takase, Masami Tanabe, Teruo Nakao, Isao Kinoshita, Tadashi Ikezawa, Ken'ichi Namba, Masahiro Suzuki


Recent progress in automotive technologies has been remarkable and has been accompanied by a steady proliferation in electric circuitry and auxiliary equipment, leading to a growing need for electrical devices for the vehicle.
Junction boxes are generally the means used to simplify increasingly complex circuitry but the strong trend in recent years to incorporate more circuits and components has brought about a heightened need for more compact, higher-density designs.
In addition the heat generated by relays, fuses and other components has become a major issue, and for the first time a micro heat-pipe has been used to address the problem of heat from automotive electrical equipment. Further development work is expected to make this a priority technology for Furukawa Electric.

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