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Furukawa Review No.18

Development of the Mini-MPO Connector

Naoko Shimoji, Jun Yamakawa, Masato Shiino


In recent years there has been a need for connectors that will provide high-density packaging in the connection of optical fibers for communications equipment. The existing MPO connector enables high-density batch connection of up to 12 fibers, but an even more compact structure is needed to obtain high-density connection of fewer fibers.
The Mini-MPO connector has therefore been developed based on the MPO structure. It is adapted to the connection of 1, 2 or 4 fibers, and is smaller and simpler in structure than the MPO.
In terms of optical characteristics, an angled-interface single-mode 2-fiber Mini-MPO connector has an insertion loss averaging 0.2 dB or less and a return loss of 53 dB or less--excellent performance which is equivalent to that of conventional MPO connectors.

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