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Furukawa Review No.18

Development of Low-Earing Can Body Stock Using the 4-stand Hot Finishing Mill at the Fukui Works

Katsumi Koyama, Sachio Urayoshi, Toyonobu Tanaka, Ryo Shoji, Yoshikazu Tsuzuki, Hiroshi Matsuda


In the effort to reduce the weight of aluminum beverage cans, progress is being made in reducing lid diameter and there is a need for materials with lower anisotropy (earing). To obtain such low-earing materials, it is necessary to arrange for the texture to be dominated by crystals of the cube orientation prior to cold rolling. Accordingly a study was made of the effect of hot rolling conditions on the formation and growth of cube oriented grains during recrystallization.
To obtain a structure with cube orientation (a strong cube texture) during recrystallization, it was found necessary that, during hot rolling, a strong rolling texture first be formed. To this end the number of finishing stands in the tandem hot-rolling mill at Furukawa Electric's Fukui Works was increased to four. This made it possible to improve manufacturing productivity and increase the size of coils manufactured, as well as to manufacture low-earing can body material to facilitate the on-going program of diameter reduction.

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