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Furukawa Review No.18

Development of Non-Lead Stabilized PVC Compounds for Insulated Wires and Cables

Koichi Mizuno, Hiroshi Hirukawa, Osamu Kawasaki, Hideo Noguchi, Osamu Suzuki


With the present trend toward eliminating risks to the environment, electrical appliance and motor vehicle manufacturers have already taken the lead in promoting green procurement and eco-projects, giving preference to the purchase of raw materials having reduced environmental impact. This paper reports on the development of materials using safer Al/Mg/Ca/Zn-based compounds as stabilizers for the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) used in sheaths for electrical power cables to replace the lead-stabilized compounds conventionally used. It was confirmed that the materials developed exhibited a level of electrical properties and stabilization equivalent to that of lead stabilizers. Power wire products too, were confirmed to be equivalent to products using conventional lead stabilizers in terms of both initial properties and reliability, as shown in long-term tests for resistance to weather and water immersion.

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