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Furukawa Review No.19

Development of Manufacturing Equipment for D-WDM Related Devices

Toshio Sakai, Tomoaki Toratani, Kazuhiro Miyazawa, Mizuki Oike, Koichi Miyazaki


The increasing demand for D-WDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) related devices such as optical devices or optical components requires manufacturing equipment to be more efficient in productivity, of higher quality and more compact. Furukawa Electric has been developing many types of manufacturing equipment and testing apparatuses for these D-WDM related devices. In this report, three types of manufacturing equipment are introduced: a fully automated scribing and chip-cleaving machine for cutting an LD (Laser Diode) bar into many chips, an LD chip aging apparatus, and the automated alignment machine which is the core technology in optical component fabrication.
A reduction in cost of D-WDM related optical components is strongly being demanded by customers; in addition, new machines in this field are constantly being introduced into the market. Therefore, we have to develop new machines which manufacture competitive products considering the various needs stemming from research and development groups and from manufacturing groups. We are also planning to sell these machines to companies in Japan and overseas.

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