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Furukawa Review No.19

Development of Environment-Harmonized Electric Wires

Hitoshi Yamada, Masaki Nishiguchi


In recent years, adequate consideration on the problem of environment preservation has become a social task, requiring wire materials to be halogen-free to minimize the environmental effects at landfill and incineration. While conventional halogen-free materials have such problems as insufficient mechanical properties, sensitivity to mechanical damages, and poor heat resistance, the new halogen-free material developed this time is provided with not only excellent flame retardant properties but also superior mechanical properties. Moreover, since the material does not contain toxic heavy metals and phosphorus without mentioning halogens, it can cope with recycling processes, thus making it very useful for covering electric wires. Besides electric appliance wires, the material has a wide area of applications such as automotive wires and the like. The authors have also developed a molding material suitable for plugs of insulated flexible cords.

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