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Furukawa Review No.19

Installation of the World's First 500-kV XLPE Cable with Intermediate Joints

Akira Suzuki, Shin'ji Nakamura, Moriaki Matsuda, Hiroshi Tanaka, Masaaki Shiomitsu, Kiyoaki Hiraga, Kiyomi Adachi, Katsuyoshi Hiratsuka, Kazuhiko Matsuda, Masashi Yagi, Akihisa Sudo, Kimiji Sugawara


Tokyo Electric Power's Kazunogawa Power Station will, when completed, be Japan's largest pumped-storage hydroelectric power station, with an output of 1.6 GW. The first phase is currently under construction, with two 400-MW machines and one cable circuit. Using leading-edge technology Furukawa Electric has provided 500-kV XLPE cable and associated extrusion-molded joints (EMJs) and horizontal gas-immersed sealing ends (EBGs) for the No. 1 and No. 2 machines. Construction was completed in November 1998 and voltage withstand tests have also been performed.
The cable for this line is 2300 m in length, longer than has ever been used in a power station interconnect. Because of transportation constraints, insulation-type EMJs are installed at intermediate points. The line is being built under the same basic design concept and installation conditions as the Shin-Keiyo-Toyosu Line now under construction, and reflects the expertise and knowhow acquired there.
The equipment covered here is scheduled to go into service in December, 1999.

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