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Furukawa Review No.19

Completion of an Optical Fiber Composite 500-kV DC Submarine OF Cable Project

Yutaka Nakanishi, Koichiro Fujii, Yasuhiro Goto, Noboru Ishii, Tadashi Fuku, Osamu Satou, Seiki Nakamura, Takeshi Araya, Kengo Kimura, Masaharu Kasuya, Hisashi Orito, Migaku Takamatsu


A construction project of a DC submarine cable, to be known as Anan-Kihoku DC Trunk Line, has been under way to link the electric power grids between Kansai and Shikoku. This submarine cable line is designed to have a capacity of 2800 MW on one bipolar circuit of 500 kV DC with return conductor, requiring a cable system with a current capacity of 2800 A per line --the greatest submarine DC cable in the world. The cable was developed jointly by Kansai Electric, Electric Power Development, and four major cable manufacturers in Japan; and four lengths of the cables, each 50 km long, were manufactured by the cable manufacturers respectively, spending approximately two years. From April to December of 1998, the cables were laid and buried, one by one, using a cable laying ship and a laying and burying machine newly developed. Subsequently, connected with land cables, they satisfactorily underwent DC high-voltage tests at -700 kV in August 1999. They are scheduled to be in operation in July 2000, after a series of power grid linking tests. Furukawa Electric has supplied a length to be used as the main cable of 2nd circuit.

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