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Furukawa Review No.19

Development of Magnet Wires Having Excellent Windability

Ryosuke Obika, Yoshinori Tatematsu, Masakazu Mesaki, Atsushi Higashiura


In recent years there is an increasing demand for enhanced windability of magnet wires used in household electrical appliances and automobile electrical components. The reasons are that it is becoming more important to make motors and transformers used in these fields more powerful and reduced in cost than ever before, and to this end, winding processes have actively been speeded up and automated, and that the slot fill has been improved to enhance the performance of these products. Under such circumstances, winding damage given to magnet wires has increased, causing damage to insulation films.
To prevent such damage, magnet wires offering surface lubrication have heretofore been developed by applying wax to the surface of magnet wires and making the surface self-lubricant. However, these techniques are not enough to meet the requirements for the windability of magnet wires. From a viewpoint different from conventional techniques, we have developed the technique of improving the adhesion between the conductor and the insulation film and succeeded in producing new magnet wires enhancing the windability greatly. This paper describes the development and properties of the new magnet wires, as well as their applications.

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