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Furukawa Review No.20

First Application of 66-kV Outdoor Terminations with Composite Hollow Insulators for XLPE Cable

Takeshi Goto, Yoshikatsu Hori, Masato Asakawa, Masahiro Suetsugu, Tokui Yonemura


Composite hollow insulators have a number of advantages over porcelain insulators, including lighter weight, better anti-pollution and anti-explosion properties, and easier construction. They are therefore being considered for use with outdoor terminations installed on towers for branching.
Tokyo Electric Power and Furukawa Electric have jointly developed a 66-kV outdoor termination with composite hollow insulators, and have used it on Tokyo Electric Power's Oihama line--the first such application in Japan.
This paper outlines the performance specified for the 66-kV termination, together with development tests and evaluation results, and the specifications of equipment supplied to the Oihama Line.

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