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Furukawa Review No.21

State-of-the-art Technologies of Micro Heat-Pipe Heat-Sinks for Notebook PCs

Masaru Oomi , Toshiro Fukumoto , Takao Kobayashi , Masanobu Sugiura , Katsuo Nakayama , Ken'ichi Namba


In recent years, the heat produced in notebook PCs has increased rapidly along with the upgraded speed of the MPU, making heat dissipation measures thereof indispensable. Micro heat-pipe heat-sinks which are capable of dealing with this problem have been in practical use since 1995. Conventional heat-sinks, however, can no longer provide sufficient cooling for the latest version of MPUs in notebook PCs where increased heat production is seen caused by high-performance peripheral components. This paper reports on the technological background of micro heat-pipe heat-sinks for notebook PCs together with fin-composite micro heat-pipe heat-sinks that are expected to dominate the field of heat-sinks of the next generation.

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