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Furukawa Review No.21

Measuring and Predicting Rainfall Noise-reduction Effects of Shizuka-Ace

Hiroshi Ikeda , Takashi Yoshida , Kazuo Mimura


We measured the noise of rain striking the metal roof of a martial arts gymnasium. This gymnasium is located in Tsuruoka-city Yamagata-prefecture in Japan. The points measured are two buildings: one is the main building of this gymnasium, and the other is an archery range annexed to the main building.
The roof of the main building is made of metal, which is steel laminated with our product Shizuka-Ace to increase its damping property.
The roof of the archery gymnasium is made of steel, but is not treated with a damping material (i.e., conventional metal roof). Through this measurement, we clearly confirmed the effectiveness of noise-reduction; the level of the noise at the roof treated with the damping material was around 3 dB lower than that at the conventional metal roof.
In addition to this result, we anticipated that the noise level would increase 5 dB if precipitation doubled.
From these results we estimated noise levels within a large space using a sound propagation equation from the plane sound source.

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