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Furukawa Review No.22

Development of Insulated Wire and Cable Using Recycled PVC

Kouichi Murata, Kiyoshi Aiba, Shingo Ooya, Yasuhiro Tominaga,Tetsuo Matsumoto, Kouichi Mizuno and Hideyuki Motomiya


Most of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) used for sheathing distribution wires and cables have seldom been reused for wire sheathing when they are retrieved, so that they are usually applied in other uses or disposed of as industrial waste. By investigating the sorting retrieval and the recycling methods of the sheath material as well as its applications, the authors have been successful in developing insulated wire and cable that use recycled sheath material out of retrieved wire and cable, together with a recycling system that permits obtaining recycled material comparable to unused material in terms of cost. All the sheath material investigated in this study are retrieved from used wires for power distribution owned by Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), and will be used again in the recycled wire and cable to be delivered to the same company.

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