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Furukawa Review No.22

Development of TEX-B Solderable, Heat-Resistant, Triple-Insulated Winding Wire

Tadashi Ishii, Yong Hoon Kim, Atsushi Higashiura, Kunihiko Mori and Isamu Kobayashi


Furukawa Electric's TEX-E general-purpose triple-insulated winding wire has come into wide use due to the trend toward decreasing the size and cost of switching power supply transformers, and to the fact that transformers are easier to recycle. It also makes possible the design of transformers that are environment-friendly. It is expected, however, that the trend in power supply units toward downsizing and higher efficiency will continue, and this will raise problems with respect to heat generated by the component parts and the effects of heat dissipation due to smaller size and higher mounting densities. It is essential that the materials used be of higher heat resistance.
To meet these needs we have developed TEX-B solderable, heat-resistant (Class B), triple-insulated winding wire. Among the technologies employed were those of polymer alloying, polymer evaluation, and thin coating. Approvals have been obtained from certification authorities world wide with respect to important safety standards relating to switching power supply transformers. This report describes the development of TEX-B wire, together with its characteristics.

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