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Furukawa Review No.22

New Products Developed Using Environment-Friendly Elastomer Rubber

Toshio Miyahara, Kouichi Tanabe, Mitsuo Shimazaki,Takuya Tanaka and Takao Kobayashi


Elastomer rubber products are widely used in industry, making use of their many superior properties including flexibility, resilience, elasticity, and absorption of impact and vibration. Another advantage of elastomer rubber is that the use of various additives can result in enhanced functionality over the basic characteristics. Furukawa Electric produces and markets a broad range of elastomer rubber-based products for electrical and electronic equipment and the fields of architecture and civil engineering--areas in which there has been an increasing demand in recent years for products that are environment friendly--halogen-free and flame retardant. This paper reports on the development of a halogen-free flame-retardant tape to replace conventional PVC tape, and halogen-free flame-retardant thermally conductive sheet.

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