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Furukawa Review No.23

High-Power CW-DFB LDs for Optical Communications

Keishi Takaki, Tomofumi Kise, Kazuomi Maruyama, Koji Hiraiwa, Nobumitsu Yamanaka, Masaki Funabashi and Akihiko Kasukawa


CW-DFB Lasers can be used for WDM and CATV applications by combining them with external modulators. For WDM application, we successfully obtained a low driving current of less than 200 mA at 40 mW from S-band to L-band by taking care of the optical confinement of the MQW structure. On the other hand, by optimizating cavity length and coupling coefficient, we achieved a high output power of 175 mW and a narrow linewidth of 0.8 MHz even at 100 mW for CATV applications.

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