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Furukawa Review No.23

Wavelength Monitor Integrated CW DFB Laser Module for DWDM Applications

Hideyuki Nasu, Tomohiro Takagi, Toshikazu Mukaihara, Takehiko Nomura, Akihiko Kasukawa, Mizuki Oike and Takao Ninomiya


For signal transmission on DWDM systems, cross-talk between the nearest channels in the wavelength region must be suppressed to maintain the required quality of optical signals, hence good wavelength stability is strongly required of the optical signal. As an essential solution for signal sources in DWDM applications, we developed wavelength monitor integrated CW DFB laser modules. The unique structures of our laser module were optimized for 25 GHz spacing DWDM and 50 GHz spacing DWDM, respectively. In particular, the module for 25 GHz spacing usage was contrived to meet very tight wavelength stability requirements. This report introduces the structures and the performance of both laser modules.

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